Men's Chain Sizing Guide

Crucible Chain Necklace Sizing Guide

Men's chains are staples in every man's jewelry and accessories collection.  

Whether worn with pendants or without, alone or layered, white, gold or another color, there are literally dozens if not hundreds of ways of styling men's chains.

One important fact to realize is because chains are worn as a circle around your neck, each additional 2 inches of length means the chain will hit 1 inch lower on your neckline. 

Knowing what length is right for you is important, so read on and enjoy our men's chain guide!

18 inch chain

18 Inch Chain

An 18 inch chain for a man is more often than not going to be considered a "choker".  A chain of this length is likely to be visible regardless of the neckline of the shirt you're going to wear. 

Suitable for smaller guys or guys who want their chain fully visible, this length also works for a smaller pendant such as a cross or symbol of faith that you want to display.

Larger guys will generally find this length too small for their comfort.

18 inch chains can work for guys who want to layer multiple chains, we suggest a 20 inch chain to be layered with your 18 inch chain as similarly sized chains work best.

20 inch chain

20 Inch Chain

A 20 inch men's chain is still on the shorter side, yet starts to hit just below the neckline on a standard crew neck t-shirt.  Worn with a V-neck or button down shirt this chain will be fully visible.

This is a preferred starting length for most guys for pendants that can be worn under or over the shirt.  

A versatile chain length, the 20 inch chain can also be layered with an 18 inch chain for smaller guys or with 22 or 24 inch chains for bigger guys to create a custom look.

Larger guys will consider this length "small" and may want to go with a 22 or 24 inch chain. 

22 inch chain

22 Inch Chain

Going with a 22 inch chain is always going to be a good call.  There is a reason why the 22 and 24 inch chains are our best selling lengths for men.  

A great length for pendants or religious symbols like crosses or stars, the 22 inch chain can be worn under the shirt or over the shirt.

For most men a 22 inch chain will hit just above the center of their chest plate. 

When layering, a 22 inch chain works well with a 20 inch chain for a "shorter" set or a 24 inch chain for our most popular set combination.

24 inch chain

24 Inch Chain

Our best selling chains going back decades is the 24 inch chain.  It is our most universal length that fits everyone nicely.  If you're not sure what size to go with, go with a 24 inch chain. 

Our most popular length for medium sized pendants or religious symbols like crosses or skulls, the 24 inch chain is more often worn over the shirt than under.

For most men a 24 inch chain will hit in the center of their chest plate. 

When layering, a 24 inch chain works well with a 22 inch chain or a 26 inch chain.


26 inch chain

26 Inch Chain

The 26 inch chain length is the start of the "longer" chain length collections.  Some of our chains only go up to 26 inches and many top out at 24 inches.  

The 26 inch and longer chains are generally meant to be worn over the shirt as they will hit just below the mid-point of the chest plate for most men.  For larger guys with larger necks, they should consider this length your best bet as it would likely hit a bit higher at the chest plate.  

Great for medium to large sized pendants, you want to also consider the thickness of the chain to make sure the scale of the chain matches your pendant.

The 26 inch chain can be layered with a shorter 24 inch chain or longer 28 inch chains for a longer set look.  

28 inch chain

28 Inch Chain

The 28 inch chain is the second in our set of "longer" men's chains.  The collection of 26, 28 and 30 inch chains are similar in that they will hit most men near the bottom of the chest plate.  

Meant to be worn over the shirt, these chains are more often well suited for wider lengths such as 10mm, 12mm or the 14mm chains pictured here.  

A great length for large to extra large pendants that are fashion pieces such as skulls or large crosses.

To layer a 28 inch chain you can go with a 26 or 30 inch chain.

30 inch chain

30 Inch Chain

The 30 inch chain is the longest chain in our Crucible Jewelry collections. 

Meant to be worn over the shirt, these chains are more often well suited for wider lengths such as 10mm, 12mm or the 14mm chains. 

Chains this long can become quite heavy when combining a thicker gauge with longer length.  The chain pictured here is our 4mm wide Rope Chain in Stainless Steel.

When wearing pendants with a 30 inch chain they may fall lower than you want on your chest.  Most men will find that a 30 inch chain falls just below their chest plate.

Layering a 30 inch chain with a 26 or 28 inch chain is an excellent combination.